When it comes to car insurance, most consumers understand that the insurance company isn't going to call up or offer up a better deal. But, what they usually don't know, is that they actually have to review their policies and contracts to ensure that they are offered the lowest rates they deserve. This applies to even short term car insurance.

The onus is always on you, the consumer to find out what is the lowest rates you are eligible for. Whether it is auto insurance or even small things like cellphone contracts or cable provider.  Then again, finding a good deal, or rather, the best deal isn't always as straightforward as we'd imagine, even with time.

Well, insurers are not actually required to let you know whether you can get a lower rate. So, of course, it is hard to tell whether you are getting the best deal. And, if you are comparing insurance, it is quite easy for one insurance to half the price another.

The problem, lies with the fact that, insurance agents work on commission - and higher premiums translate to higher income for the agent. These agents on average collect a commission of 8.5% of the premium.

To be continued..

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